- Fixed crash for a small number of users in 4.1.1

4.1.1 (including beta1)
 - This version contains a known bug causing the app to crash. Please update to 4.1.2
 - Tweaks to watch app, fix some minor bugs.
 - Fixes to some announcements

 - Android Wear support. Includes Pause/Resume and Skip controls
 - Fixes to labels and axes in Heart Rate / Pace graph
 - More memory efficient syncing
 - Fixes to intermittent problem showing GPS search dialog

4.0.3 - 4.0.5 (ICS and higher)
 - Preliminary Android Wear support (join beta for frequent updates)
 - Changed AchieveMint arrangement
 - Don't display trial period after unlimited purchase
 - Clarified some text labels
 - Allow disabling calorie display
 - Allow deleting previous custom run presets
 - Fixed GPS restore announcement
 - Improved pace and distance calculations for jittery GPS signals

4.0.2 (ICS and higher) / 3.5.2 (Gingerbread and lower)
 - Fixes for some uncommon force close errors
 - Fix for issue with purchase validation on Samsung Galaxy S3 after recent firmware update

4.0.1 (ICS and higher)
 - Fix HRM logging when pace not present
 - Fix allowing user to disable Facebook auto-post

3.5.1 (Gingerbread and lower)
 - Fix HRM logging when pace not present
 - Fix allowing user to disable Facebook auto-post

4.0 (ICS and higher)
 - Major user interface overhaul
 - Fixed some issues with heart rate data
 - If not using music continue to show HRM data where current track would be shown
 - History of custom runs, allowing repeat of a similar run
 - Some fixes to improved distance calculations for phones showing calculation errors
 - Fixes to external music integration. Don't stop music if it is already playing
 - Fixes to Facebook not auto-posting when a token expires

3.5.0 (Gingerbread and lower)
 - Fixed some issues with heart rate data
 - If not using music continue to show HRM data where current track would be shown
 - History of custom runs, allowing repeat of a similar run
 - Some fixes to improved distance calculations for phones showing calculation errors
 - Fixes to external music integration. Don't stop music if it is already playing
 - Fixes to Facebook not auto-posting when a token expires

 - Use better metrics for pace on Pebble
 - Fix bug with music volume after some announcements
 - Sync no-distance no-calorie runs to MFP, and allow MFP to calculate calories
 - Allow choice of default MFP activity for non-GPS runs.
 - Minor fixes

3.4.10 - 3.4.12
 - Allow manual entry of calories, as well as distance and time.
 - Sync of manually entered calories to MFP
 - Remember screen orientation for next run

 - Workaround distance calculation issues on phones using MediaTek CPUs.
 - Fix force close when an invalid heart report is received from a HRM

3.4.7 - 3.4.8
 - Fix to heart rate graph on phone when pace not present (e.g. on treadmill)
 - Allow decimal values in custom runs
 - Tweaks to BLE compatibility
 - Fixed some force close issues
 - Allow calorie upload to MFP when using HRM and on treadmill.
 - Fix negative calories when using HRM
 - Fixed various pace tracking problems
 - More reliable syncing to MFP, when signed into RunDouble website
 - Link directly to website (and autologin) from stats page in app
 - Workaround for buggy android distance calculations on certain phones

 - New HRM pair screen
 - Experimental support for Bluetooth 4.0/Smart/LE devices (Android 4.3 and higher only)
 - Total time announcement
 - Fixes to descriptions on some 10K distance runs
 - Added heart rate and calorie announcements
 - Different vibrate patterns for run/walk/finished
 - Fix to missing HRM data when GPS is off
 - Allow disabling of GPS signal loss announcement
 - Avoid x:59 remaining announcements. Round these up correctly.
 - Correctly show HRM data after screen rotation
 - Better support for external music players
 - Fixed music not playing on Android 4.4 (KitKat)
 - Removed some icons from main screen
 - Custom intervals and custom fun runs

 - Some spelling fixes in plans
 - Fix some rare reported force closes
 - In cooldown announce target pace for last interval if announcement is selected.
 - Announce GPS signal loss
 - More accurate distance tracking
 - Quicker GPS acquisition (experimental)

 - Fixed problem linking to MFP for Froyo and Gingerbread phones (2.2 and 2.3)
 - Avoid asking for Facebook username/password for each post when FB app is not installed
 - Fixed a handful of rare Force Close errors.

 - MyFitnessPal integration
 - Work around delayed GPS update issues on some phones.
 - Allow relinking of AchieveMint account after a linking failure
 - Improved pace smoothing
 - 'spot pace' on pebble watches, actually average over last 30s for better stability
 - Finer grain GPS updates - display should update every 1s, not every 5s.
 - Posting correct units on Facebook updates
 - Prompt if privacy settings are insufficient to post on Facebook
 - Fixes for some Force Close errors reported through Google Play.

 - Many more stability fixes
 - When GPS is reset after a massive 'jump' do not record the unrealistic jump distance
 - Fixed missing stats on distance-based halfway announcement
 - Do not show the 'next run' indicator for non-progressive plans (fun runs or interval plans)

 - Stability and bugfixes to 3.4 based on Google Play error reports.

Sync changes:
 - New sign-in and sync
 - It is now possible to sign-in using Google and/or Facebook
 - Signing in with both will link accounts
 - Web site also allows sign in with either Facebook and/or Google
 - Posting to Facebook is now only possible when signed in. Posting when not signed in will prompt you to sign in.
 - Posting to Facebook is now part of the upload process, meaning it is no longer possible to accidentally post before the upload has completed (resulting in missing stats/link on the Facebook post)
 - Automatic posting is possible, though this may not feature prominently on the news feed (Facebook rules, not ours). For more prominent posting use the button to post explicitly
 - A message can be added when posting explicitly.
 - Now uses standard Facebook 'fitness' posts, instead of the custom RunDouble posts before. This allows Facebook to aggregate all of your fitness activity.

Additional changes:
- New 5K improver plan, incorporating 1 or 2 straight 5K runs per week.
- 'duck' is now default for audio focus, rather than 'pause'. This is due to the way some music players handle the pause event, which is not desirable.
- Workaround for phones that don't always deliver timer alarms to the app reliably
- Manual entry of stats for runs done without the app
- Ability to add notes at the end of your run (these are also synced)

- Changes to sync protocol to website. No visible feature changes.

- Fixed possible force close when using Pebble watch pause button.
- Recover from failed AchieveMint registration

- Fixed rediculous time announcements.

- Don't close 'controls' panel when skipping, making it easier to skip multiple intervals
- Fixed rare GPS error on some handsets

- Fix graph out of sync after pausing run.
- Fix stats screen opening when trying to start a run

 - Fix to time announcers, which can stop updating if GPS signal is lost.

 - Fixed 'stuck' achievemint account when intial registration fails.

- Fixed problem with previous release causing force close in Froyo (Android 2.2)

- Pause using middle button on watch

- Added basic Pebble Watch support

- Fix for force close on tablets where no GPS is avilable.

- Fixed "Time" announcement when changing interval, now announces for previous interval.
- Fixed stats announcement at halfway point - this wasn't always working
- Stop periodic announcements in non-open cooldown
- New announcement to tell you how many yards/metres you are behind/ahead of a specified target pace

Improved Facebook posting.
Separate volume controls for media and announcements during run.

Fixed some reported exceptions in purchase flow.
Added count down timers
Retrigger AM upload on startup
Fix very high calorie counts
Removed RunTempo help from help menu

Added new 'unlimited' upgrade option.
Fixed an issue reconnecting with AchieveMint after uninstall/reinstall

Minor fixes to sync that may have caused force close problems for a few users.
Updated Amazon release

3.3.30 - 3.3.31
Further in-app billing fixes. Much improved stability.

3.3.28 - 3.3.29
HRM stability updates
Additional debugging info
Fixes to problems with in-app billing

3.3.24 - 3.3.27
Added longer fun runs, up to full marathon
Added longer periodic update times, up to 30 minutes
Auto-dismiss Achivemint notification bar when tapped
Fixed some in-app billing related force closes
Improved descriptions in 10K plans 10m becomes 10 mins

Fixed problems signing in when screen is rotated
Fixed futher sign in problems

3.3.22 - Beta
Stability improvements to voice announcer
Return to music automatically after 30sec if speech never responds.
Add warning dialog if TTS fails to initialise.
Use preset sound files if TTS fails to initialise (in this case there will be no stats)
Fixed some rare conditions fetching prices from Google Play.

Fixed lots of minor force closes

Fixed force close when market fails to initialise

Fixed a rare force close issue
More reliable submissions to AchieveMint
Allow HRM to be disabled once paired
Fixed distance in 5 to 10K final week
GPS stability improvements

Fixed duplicate runs appearing in history after sync
  - There was a problem with the original fix in 3.3.16
  - This will also correctly remove the duplicates

Fixed missing timed fun runs in 3.3.15 (Sorry!)

Fixed duplicate runs appearing in history after sync
  - This will also correctly remove the duplicates
Fixed problem with publishing to Facebook after disabling the option
Removed RunTempo icon for users who don't already have it installed

Achievemint available to all existing installs
Added 4 minute periodic update period
Fixed force close caused by in-app billing

Achievemint available to all new installs
Fix to Facebook permissions
Use new inapp billing v3
Fixed sync from different time zones
Show prices in own currency
Option to disable full-screen mode

Fixed problem with Facebook sync

Fixed some user interface bugs.
Fixed some minor force close errors.
Slight redesign of "Connect" screen
Compress communication with website for quicker sync
Added open run to fun runs
Added 'Interval time' announcement

Improved Scosche Rhythm support - now warns if device needs restarting.
Fixed some rare force close caused by Admob ads.
Fixed rare force close when background syncing

Added support for Scosche Rhythm pulse monitor (Gingerbread 2.3.3 and higher only)
Necessary future compatibility changes to message functionality
Change to accounts screen to allow facebook authentication and auto-publishing

3.3.8 -  3.3.9
Added Zephyr HxM heart rate monitor support.
Fixed some minor force close issues in the music browser

Security: use https for sync to website.

Resolves problems with slow and incomplete synchronisation to website
Fixed speech output for certain countries using comma decimal separator

Added metric run descriptions
Fixed problems editing distance edit dialog
Show URL for uploaded runs,
Don't read pace/distance announcements when GPS is off
Inverted some preference options
Update stats table immediately after editing distance

3.3.3 - 3.3.4
Minor bug fixes

Fixed some issues with sync blanking out distance on runs.
Resolve instability problems caused by rotated screen feature.

Fixed connection to Heart Rate Monitor  (HRM)
Fix to announcement of last interval stats
Fix to saving on custom announcers (you may need to reconfigure these)
Fix some force closes affecting a small number of users.

Customisable announcements
Entry of distance for treadmill runs
Distance based 10K plans
New user interface elements
Totals and distance shown on history list
Portrait run screen
Trend graph on website
Media/bluetooth keys work with internal music player
Added speed units, in addition to pace.
Plus lots of minor bug-fixes and tweaks.

3.2.18 - 3.2.19
Fix problem with half-way point calculation
Allow server side authorisation of payments.
Fix problem for some users syncing with website

Fixed problem upgrading from versions earlier than 3.2.15

Added 'strict' version of C25K, including final recovery intervals

Sync improvements to support multiple devices (e.g. a tablet and a phone)
UI refresh
Added device ID to about screen to make it easier to find
Don't tweet/facebook empty stats for non-GPS runs
Added new 'full 5K' to end of C25K distance plan - which is a FULL 3.1mile/5K run
Fix to half-marathon wk6 Tue run

Fixed failed authorisation for non-phones with unstable device IDs
Fixed some reported force closes
Fix for music not playing on certain phones, when using pace alarms.

Disabled Text-to-speech check for Jellybean devices
Better error reporting for support
Fixed incorrect description in half marathon plan
Fixed playlist editing for Jellybean devices
Fix for some ads still showing in Pro version
Improved authorisation for uploads
Fixed force close affecting some users

Removed Text-to-Speech prompt for Jellybean devices (to workaround a bug in Jellybean)
Fixed sync battery issues
Fixed sync non-initialisation issues
Dramatically improved sync speeds

Automatic reporting of serious errors
Fixed some bugs relating to sync of runs
Ensure ads are correctly removed for all pro customers

Fixed some sync issues: incomplete details downloading, deadlock in sync
Fix for total calories shown in stats

Fix for purchase authorisation on non-phone devices.

Minor fix to two-way sync. Privacy state of existing plans was not updated

Two way sync with the website
New privacy settings
Improvements to the indicators on the plan/day chooser screen.
New 'digital' font on the run screen.
Improvements to the pace smoothing in the graph
Media controls now work with some external players
Filtering of insane run coordinates
New FREE timed fun runs

Messaging working correctly for Gingerbread and Froyo phones.

Added messages feed for announcements and alerts.
Fixed authentication issues for LG devices after recent ROM upgrades.
Fixed several reported force close issues.

Minor cosmetic changes

3.1.2 - 3.1.3
Minor stability improvements

Minor fix to rare force close when using RunTempo

Various minor bug fixes
Calorie counter - based on distance/speed run, but a more accurate reading if HRM is used.
Integration with RunTempo - a third party app for changing the speed of tracks to match desired running pace/cadence
New icon to main screen "Change Plan" - it wasn't entirely obvious how to do this.
Announcement mode is now selectable: pause or duck music.
Better logic for drawing the icon screen on different size screens
New open-ended run options, and now consistent with website calculations
Experimental support for SportsTracker HRM

More intuitive music interface
Corrected shown number of satellites during fix
Improvement to GPS fix on some affected phones

3.0.21 - 3.0.22
Reset the GPS chip and trigger assistance data download on starting run.
Ensure GPS updates can't be delivered out of order.
Change the way GPS is reinitialised on signal loss.

Fix force close caused by Google.
Resolved issue loading GPS

Fixed some reported force closes
Moved upload/tweet/facebook buttons, so they will not be off-screen
Changed facebook button to look like a button
GPS stability fix

Some GPS stability fixes

Corrected some bad pace and time calculations in uploaded runs.

Minor bugfixes
Correct broken purchases where possible
Corrected back button behaviour when waiting for GPS lock

Fixed to pace calculations
Improved filtering of GPS signal
Added a half-marathon fun run
Added new-version alert
Made in-run "menu" button repond to slide as well as tap
Changes in improve GPS stability on some phones
Fixed some reported Force-closes

Beta release

Beta release

Fixed 1m fun run - was conflicting with 1K run.
Tweaked GPS filtering
  - Better smoothing of pace graph
  - Removed 'glitch' filtering as it was causing issues for some users.
Stop screen from freezing temporarily on plan upload.
Improvements to the way backups are restored
  - Restore could time out for users with lots of runs
  - Wasn't restoring pace graph
Changed "Email support" to "Contact Us" to avoid confusion

Resolved several reported Force Close issues.
Check for pending orders on start up, and request updates if needed.

Fix: Periodic announcements were crashing after the first interval. Could leave music volume low, and certain announcements wouldn't work.
Fix: Some phones on certain versions of Android wouldn't show the correct playlist on opening. The playlist was set correctly, but the UI was incorrect. This is a bug in Android, which we have worked around.

Fix for "Finish" button not working on certain makes / phones / versions.

On initialisation automatically restore purchases from the main screen - user shouldn't need to go into upgrade screen to restore.

If TTS fails to initialise, warn user, but allow to continue. Presented as users thinking they couldn't get a GPS lock, but was still waiting for TTS to initialise.
Remove HRM UI elements if no HRM is found.

Fixed rare NaN issues caused by new filtering and unusual conditions.
Repair previous runs, allowing them to be uploaded (though some data is still lost)

Cosmetic tweaks
No longer use GPS stamps. This could create some very strange stats.

Added re-upload button
Added "Menu" text to pulldown menu button
Safter HRM detection

Fixed force close for new users, initialising the database from new.

Fixed issues with timers on time-based segments, including warm-up and cool-down on all runs.

Heart rate monitor support support, including:
 - Graphs
 - Audio heart rate alerts
 - Display on screen
GPS filtering to remove spurious points
Better support for small screens
Priority based system to prevent imporant announcements from being interrupted Music controls (skip, back, pause)
Disable periodic announcements when GPS disabled
Redesign of main screen
Lock screen on
Better interval indication
Manually mark runs complete/incomplete (long press)
Auto-scroll to next run
Bug Fixes