Monday, 16 July 2012

Two-way Sync Now Available!

We've been busy working on a new version! One of the most hotly requested features, two-way sync is included. 

This is a pretty major change, and we've done everything we can to make sure it works as designed. We've also had a team of beta testers using this update for the last few weeks. However, in the world of Android there are a lot of different phones, screen sizes, operator tweaks, and versions of Android to deal with. Please bear with us while we iron out any kinks. As ever we'll do our best to respond to any major issues as quickly as possible. 

If you have problems, please check Google Play for an update, because we may have one available already - often when we fix a problem people continue reporting it for weeks after, when all you need to do is download an update.

There's lots of other goodies in this release:

Two way sync with the website
It is now possible to download runs that have previously been uploaded to the website. Deletions and updates to privacy settings will also be synced between the phone and site.

New privacy settings
There is now a fine grained privacy setting for both the plan and the map. This can be edited independently for each run. The "friends" options currently has no meaning, and will be hidden before the final release.

Improvements to the indicators on the plan/day chooser screen. 
This now better matches the theme of the app, and now also indicates the NEXT run you should complete, along with the runs you have completed.

New 'digital' font on the run screen.
The counters on the run screen now use a digital watch typeface. This it to improve the aesthetics and user experience, but also it is a more compact font to prepare for future improvements to the layout of the screen.

Improvements to the pace smoothing in the graph
The current method creates some erratic graphs with spikes. This is because the filter used didn't cope well with the intentional pace changes. We've completely changed the filter, and it should work much better.

Media controls now work with some external players
Any music player that supports remote-key controls (which should be most popular players) will now work with the in-build media controls in RunDouble.

Filtering of insane run coordinates
We're trying to filter out GPS glitches that would suggest the runner is running faster than a human can possibly run. This is not easy, but we think we have something that will work.

New FREE timed fun runs
We've added a range of timed fun runs, which are available free of charge with the trial version. Even if you never upgrade you still get all of the fun runs for free forever.

Plus lots of other bugfixes and minor improvements.