Tuesday 24 September 2013

Our new partner: MyFitnessPal

We're pleased and excited to announce our new partnership with the incredible calorie tracking website, MyFitnessPal.

So many of you have been asking for us to integrate for some time now, and so we've been working hard with the team over at "MFP" to make it a reality. As of today, you can link the RunDouble app on your phone to your workout diary, allowing you to post the calories you burn during your run directly to the MFP website.

If you haven't used the site before, we encourage you to head over there and sign up for a free account. Once you have set your weight loss goal, you can start logging your daily calorie intake and output. They have a vast food database allowing you to easily log your intake and, whether you are using RunDouble or just walking the dog, you can log your activity in the workout diary.

We're hoping that this gives our users, and MFP's existing community, a more connected set of tools to help more people live a healthier, happier lifestyle.


  1. Cool, I use a similar app called Lose It. Any chance for that to be added in the future? Another cool implementation with Facebook...the Nike+ app has a feature to where it will make a facebook post on your wall letting your friends know you're starting a run. If your friends like or comment on it, the app will play a cheering noise during your run. It adds a fun element.

  2. Another request...I got started running last year with your app. It's by far the best for c25k. Since getting to where I'm running the 5k easily on a consistent basis, though, there are a couple other apps that I prefer because you can customize your run better. Like in RunKeeper, you can setup and save your own interval runs. In that App and Nike+, you can choose any distance for your run rather than be stuck with the limited "Fun Runs" availabe on this app. I still like the feedback on this app better and the fact that it keeps your actual run stats separate from your warm-up and cool down time. I just wish one app had all of my favorite features from the three different running apps on my phone so that I could use the same one each time. Now I use this one strictly if I'm runnit 5k. I use Nike+ if I'm running any other distance that isn't included in the fun runs like 4 miles, or I'll use RunKeeper if I'm doing intervals.

  3. Struggling to get these to link. :-(


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