Sunday 22 April 2012

Calling Beta Testers

Would you like to help us test out new releases?

We're looking for people to help us test our upcoming software on different phones, and versions of Android, so that we can be more confident that our newest release won't break for some users.

You will receive pre-release versions, and an early view on new features in the pipeline. However, the software may be slight unstable, so you will need to be prepared for a few hiccups - and willing to report them to us, and maybe help us to work out what's causing the problem.

Anyone can join, however in order to help report problems to us, ideally you will need to:

  • Be able to use 'adb logcat' or aLogcat (available from the market), to report problems to us. 
  • Have a good technical understanding of Android (though you don't need to be a developer).
  • Be prepared to occasionally abort a run, because of a bug in the software.
If you think you fit the bill, and would like to get involved, please email us at: Tell us what phone you have, and what version of Android you are running. We'll be in touch within a few days to tell you how you can download the latest beta release. 

Happy running!

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